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Freaky geeky Mountain Goats fans

OK so it seems not absolutely everyone was vibing on the rabid extremism of the crowd at the Mountain Goats show last Sunday night. My friend Emily walked in with no expectations and admitted she was “startled” by the whole affair. It’s gotta be said, the crowd that night were really something else. I really don’t think John Darnielle was exaggerating when he remarked on how “fucking awesome” (ie completely batshit) the crowd were. Yes, a few people in the audience were losing their shit and displaying some fairly confronting physical overreactions to the whole thing, and yes, any sort of fanaticism should be viewed as disturbing on the whole, but seriously, in this era of shockingly lame audiences, dammit, (worried over analysis of the situation aside – they’re probably just normal people?????!), this is what I want to see in a crowd – it was rock ‘n’ roll, it was awesome and at the end of it pretty much everyone walked out of there happy to have been witness to the glorious freakishness of it all. Somewhat bewildered maybe, but still pretty stoked (just ask Emily).

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